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About Us

Who are you, and what’s the meaning of all this?

Glad you asked.

SEO Praxis is a provider of small business web services. We are committed to helping small business owners, individual professionals, freelancers and bloggers focus on the things they do best, while we take care of the technical aspects of doing business on the Internet.

What’s in a (your) name?

prax⋅is [prak-sis] IPA:ˈpræksɪs

–noun, plural prax⋅is⋅es, prax⋅es [prak-seez]

  1. practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills.
  2. convention, habit, or custom.
  3. a set of examples for practice. *

Can we help?

  • If you already have a website but are not quite seeing the results we can probably help.
  • If you have no website we can definitely help with a range of affordable solutions.
  • If you’ve been utilizing free blogs and websites you should take your business to the next level by getting a self-hosted solution.

Together, we will evaluate your current situation and provide you with customized, cost-efficient solution proposals that we feel will work best for you. The initial consultation is always free and you’re under no obligation to commit to our services.

Contact Us today and set your goals into motion!

*Source: Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009.